Gido (ギド, Gido) is a young girl who travels with Asaph in search for a specific witch.




Upon arriving at Sanguine Lotus train station, she and Asaph started asking about the witch in the city. They encountered a young girl, who claimed to be the witch's apprentice. They managed to find the witch quickly, as she was famous as the "heroic witch". As Gido tried to attack the witch, but was captured, Asaph came to rescue her and they retreated. Later they visited the witch house, were they encountered the witch's apprentice again as she was accepting guests for the commemoration day, but refused to let them in.

As they stayed in the hotel and Asaph looked at the data he requested from the order, he realized for what the commemoration days was. As they attempted to leave the hotel, the police officers, charmed by the witch engaged them, but were no match for them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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