Ione (イオーネ, Iōne) is a witch, known as the heroic witch in the city of Sanguine Lotus.




As Ione was doing going for groceries, a magical beast attacked the city and she quickly defeated it. While being praised by the citizens, she was attacked by Gido, but Ione was able to quickly subdue her down.

Later, Ione was holding a commemoration day in her mansion. As the guests arrived, they were welcomed by Marie, her apprentice. But when they woke up with cut legs and arms. Ione told Marie that she turned them into keys for her ritual spell, as she planned to unleash the sleeping Hellfire. She explained that the one cursed this city in the past, was her grand-mother and that she actually wasn't wicked and she saved the city by sealing the unknown origin of the Hellfire, yet she was blamed and killed for it. Ione waited 120 years, for the 417th anniversary of the sealing, as only on this day the seal becomes weak and she started to activate the keys and unleash the Hellfire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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