Marie (マリー, Marī) is a young girl and apprentice of the witch Ione.




Marie was doing shopping preparing for the important day Ione had, when she met Gido and Asaph near the train station, who were looking for information about the witch in the city. As Marie was telling them, they could find information from anyone, since the witch is famous in the city for her heroic deeds, a magical beast attacked and was defeated by the witch and Marie went to her.

Later at Ione's mansion, Marie was welcoming the arrived guests for the commemoration day, where she was Gido and Asaph. As they were trying to convince her that the witch likely have motive and secrets, she didn't believe them and didn't allow them to enter. When the commemoration started, Marie later woke up with cut arms and legs but was comforted by Ione, who told her she turned her and the guests into keys for the ritual spell. Ione explained that her grand-mother was the one who saved the city but sealing the hellfire, but was blamed for it and killed, and now she plans on unleashing it for justice. Marie begged her to stop, telling it was cruel, but Ione didn't listen and started activating the keys and unleashing the hellfire.

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